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Welcome to the home of Brain-Based Solutions and Strategies, your full service source of information for a wide variety of information and resources aimed at assisting parents in communicating with their children of all ages.


Dr. Regina Lamourelle notes that we are influencers of and influenced by our relationships and the environments in which we live.

Our founder, Dr. Regina Lamourelle, draws on her extensive experience gained in over 30 years of early learning and care which has included:
  • Living abroad in two different countries
  • One marriage and four daughters
  • Registered nurse
  • Owning and operating child development centers
  • Establishing a children's theater and founding a family resource center
  • Member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children ( NAEYC) and a member of the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences
Currently, Regina is a professor of Human Development at Santiago Canyon College in Orange, CA, where she is also the department chair. She serves on the Board of Orange County Association for the Education of Young Children and is a former Orange County representative to the California Association for the Education of Young Children. Regina speaks three languages and holds a doctorate in Child and Youth Studies. Since 1996, her passion has been to teach educators how the young-to-adolescent brain learns so that they can care for children with kind hearts and with the knowledge of the child or adolescent brains’ unique developmental needs. Regina also regularly hosts the Teens and Tweens Channel for parents on the BAM Radio Network.
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