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Braindough™ Curriculum


Thinkeriffic Doughs for Preschool
Science Activities . . .

The Brain Dough Curriculum

The easiest way to get early learning professionals to incorporate science into their curriculum is to use activities and media they are already comfortable with and linking their use with scientific principles and processes. If learning is best through play, then consider learning the brain-based way by using and making braindough. It is fun to make creative braindough concoctions that teach science, math, reading, social skills, and brain function. Easy recipes will enable learners and educators to predict the outcome of their dough combinations.

The brain constructs learning by work and experience. During the process of creating the braindoughs, children will have the opportunity to use many science and math concepts such as:

  • Making predictions
  • Measuring
  • Comparing
  • Looking for patterns
  • Experimenting
  • Learning new words
  • Sorting and analyzing data
  • Testing theories

These 25 plus recipes for Thinkeriffic braindoughs are just a start. Through experimentation and trial and error, learners can create many other braindoughs that are as individual as they are. No two brains are ever alike and no two braindough recipes will ever be exactly alike, even with a recipe. Go ahead, relax, experiment, and learn.

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Creativity is the cornerstone of intelligence. Making braindough is a creative way to teach math, science and how the brain, the organ of learning, learns. Unusual concoctions act to stimulate creative brain networks.

Dr. Lamourelle’s full day or half day workshops are a perfect way to introduce your staff to using this medium to each math science and thinking skills. The workshop can be tailored to fit the needs of your school and the requirements of your curriculum. Staff will come away inspired to develop their unique concoctions to provide a developmentally appropriate science experience for their students. Contact Dr. Lamourelle for details.

Brain-Based Solutions and Strategies
Brain-Based Solutions and Strategies
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