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Dr. L's Brainy Resources

The brain is the only organ that is shaped by outside experiences. What you do and think changes how your brain is wired.  This principle applies to children and adults of any age. New experiences create opportunities for new brain connections. Lack of experience and information limits the brain's ability to construct learning networks. Unused ones wither or are pruned away making them less available to solve and find new problems. How you manage your classroom and relate to the children in your care changes their brains and yours. Knowing how children grow and develop will help caregivers to make better choices for curriculum, learning, and behavior management. Enjoy these resources provided to help you learn, change your brain and positively affect the lives of children in your care.

Brain-Based Solutions and Strategies

Podcasts: Bam Radio Network Inside the Minds of Teens and Tweens

Some Topics Available Are:

  • 15 Ways to Help Teens and Tweens Adjust to Going Back to School
  • While You Are Teaching, Student Attention Spans are Shrinking
  • Alternative Ways to Educate Teens for an Uncertain Future
  • Tips for Working with Traumatized Kids in Your Classroom
  • The Hidden Emotional Cost of High Student Achievement
  • Three Ways Technology is Messing with Your Teen’s Mind
  • The New Ways Teens Manipulate Parents
  • The Cult of Selfies: Healthy Self-Love or Selfishness?
  • Educating Black Teens: Three Persistent Issues and Challenges
  • Educating Black Teens: Three Persistent Issues and Challenges
  • The Boy Code: How it Impacts the Teen Male Self-Image
  • 5 Things You Do Not Understand About Teen Talk, Texting, and Technology
  • Sleepy Teens: The Hidden Impact of Insufficient Sleep
  • The Unique Challenges of Hispanic Teens Face
  • Who is Teaching Your Teen Grit, Curiosity, and Optimism?
  • Teen Thinking, Rich Minds, Poor Minds
  • Nipping Bullying in the Bud
  • Why Teen Relationships Turn Violent
  • Stop Texting and Go to Sleep  and many more. . .
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